Queen Radio vs. The Joe Budden Podcast

I’m not sure if any of you are as tuned into The Breakfast Club or Queen Radio as I am. However I know you do all hop into The Shade Room from time to time, so I’m sure you’ve heard about Nicki Minaj’s latest antics on this week’s Queen Radio.

For those who aren’t aware, Nicki recently had the hosts of my favourite podcast on her show on Tuesday: Joe Budden, Rory and Mal, who both are co-hosts on The Joe Budden Podcast. On his show the next day, Joe explained that he’d reached out to Nicki to do a swapsies; he and the boys would go on her show and she’d record the podcast with them. It was honestly a shame that it went left on Queen Radio, because I would have liked for them to touch on a little bit more than they did with Nicki. However, she decided to let Joe have it instead.

On an episode of his podcast last week, Joe, Rory and Mal were discussing the Instagram live call with Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj that was posted a couple of weeks ago. The gentleman were speculating, and saying that they thought that there was something a little calculated about the call, and that Nicki and Meg had probably already recorded Hot Girl Summer before they even got on Insta live together. Not that the bond between the two of them was fake, but they were essentially saying that they thought that the call was some kind of marketing strategy. When you listen to the episode, it’s very clear that they weren’t saying this theory as if there was something negative about this. But for those who don’t listen, Joe often looks at the evidence in front of him with things like this and forms a theory, drawing on his own experiences working in the music industry. However, regardless of the fact that this was never meant to be taken in a negative way, Nicki said that this was a lie and she had an issue with Joe spreading lies about her. She followed this up by touching on an episode from a few months ago where Joe speculated that Nicki didn’t know that Cardi B was on Motorsport before the song came out, as well as a different episode from about a year ago where Joe said that he thought Nicki was on drugs. This is when she proceeded to go apeshit and scream at him like a child, cutting him off every time he attempted to speak. She then literally cut his mic off to ensure that she got the last word.

Now, I’ve listened to both the episodes that Nicki was referring to, and I’m sure that if Joe had been given the chance to tell his side, he would have been able to elaborate on his comment on her taking drugs. These comments were on the back of a discussion that he and Rory were having (from what I remember, I don’t believe Mal was present for this episode) about Nicki’s reaction to a tweet made by Toronto-based writer Wanna. Wanna was simply stating that she wishes Nicki would come out with some more mature content, such as songs reflecting on hardships, relationships, being the female boss that she is etc. I believe she also mentioned that as she was approaching 40, a new direction may be needed. Now as a fellow woman, I can understand why that last comment might have been taken as shade. However I really do think that was a classic case of certain words having more of an effect when you read them, as opposed to saying it out loud. With regards to the rest of it, I see absolutely no issue. She was simply giving her opinion. However, Nicki proceeded to go in on her: calling Wanna an ugly hating ass hoe, telling her to eat a dick etc. She also hilariously forgot her own age in the tweet, and only seemed to realise her error almost ten minutes later.

Anyway, it may seem like an overreaction to assume that Nicki must be on drugs because of that. However, let’s firstly not forget the fact that she tells us she pops pills in nearly all her songs, so she definitely does drugs. I’m not too sure why she was trying to act as if this wasn’t the case, when she literally tells us she does. Secondly, Joe was merely making the point that Nicki had begun the habit of going apeshit when someone was giving an opinion she didn’t agree with. Did you come into the music business assuming that everyone was just going to like all your shit, and not expect anything more from your future music? I’m just quite confused, to be honest. How does a consumer wanting different kind of content from an artist warrant profanity and insults? This was the point Joe was making, and if you hear the episode, he does say “I’ve done a bunch of pills. I’m assuming, to be clear I don’t know.” The same disclaimer he throws in with absolutely every theory he makes.

So this is what Nicki was screaming at him for. To be fair, if she wasn’t taking drugs at the level Joe described, I can understand why she may have been offended. However, as I mentioned, I listen to Joe Budden’s podcast regularly. Enough to know that Nicki has his number, and has also seen him since he made these comments. So please tell me, if this angered you enough to repeatedly scream “you dumb fuck” at somebody, why are you addressing it over a year later, as soon as you have an audience and the announcement of an upcoming album? An audience which, from what Joe, Rory and Mal said on the podcast the next day, pretty much consisted of all men. Ohh of course, I’m positive she made sure she had the goons at the ready with the bullshit she was about to unleash.

After Nicki’s argument with herself, Joe exited the room. I don’t blame the guy at all. At this point, Nicki continued the discussion with Rory and Mal, who I feel acted wrongly in the situation also. Some listeners think they should have left with Joe, but I don’t agree necessarily. They came to do an interview and they wanted to see it through, which I completely respect. However, two things I didn’t like were the fact that Mal firstly gave the excuse that he understood Nicki’s delivery because she is from Queens so it’s unsurprising that she is very loud. I don’t care where you are from, this is not an excuse. I’m Nigerian, a lot of my people are loud and rude as fuck. There is a correct way to behave, and the way Nicki behaved wasn’t it, end of story. Secondly, Nicki actually said that she assumed that Joe was jealous of her and the opportunities she had gotten in the industry, and the two sitting next to her didn’t say anything to correct her or defend their boy. I have an issue with this, because they are not just co-hosts on the podcasts, they are both very good friends of Joe. No one could scream at my friend like that, and then sit next to me and say that they must be jealous of them, when I know for a fact that this is pure and utter bullshit. That is all.

Nicki also brought Charlamagne tha God into it, of course. Because Nicki loves to talk about Charlamagne just as much she thinks he likes to talk about her, whether she likes it or not. She collated a theory of her own: that Charlamagne teamed up with Safaree to try and cancel Nicki, using the likes of Remy Ma and Cardi B. Really Nicki? Safaree was with you ten years, and you thought the worst he could do is team up with Charlamagne and ask him to talk shit about you on The Breakfast Club? Now I’m sure that nigga is clever enough to think of something far better than that.

Onika Maraj pretty much wraps up all this to say that she’s not addressing men anymore, and that her husband and goons will address them instead. Nicki!? Why are you making this a street thing? I swear, artists are the most sensitive people on earth. She’s taking anything that has been said by Joe Budden and Charlamagne as an attack. They are a part of the media who are simply doing their job; to touch on what’s already out there and discuss it on their platforms. It’s not like they have a segment called Bash Nicki Minaj. They discuss any beef, rumours or shade that’s already out there and they move onto the next thing. Or does she expect them to give their honest opinion about everybody else and say nothing but nice things about Nicki Minaj? Sorry sweetie, it doesn’t quite work like that. Not that she seems to comment about the positive things that have been said about her on either platform, so who really cares.

I will finish by saying this, as I know there was a lot to unpack on this one: Nicki seems to think she is bullied by the media, and as soon as soon as a black woman defends herself she is angry or bitter. I swear, if one more black woman uses our plight as a defence for their own personal, unrelated issue, I will start a Twitter beef of my own. Not that I’ll get a reply, so I’ll be doing a Nicki and beefing with myself, but still. This bullshit is disgusting to me, and we need to STOP. Not everything is because of you being a black woman, sometimes you are acting up and it is as simple as that. Nobody has ever doubted Nicki’s talent; I would argue that she is the best lyricist making music right now, male or female. However, her trolling and fuckery cloud all this and almost don’t allow us to just see what she is ultimately trying to promote, her amazing talent. All these comments said about her in the media that she doesn’t like, her actions online shed so much more light on it than those outlets. She can continue to insist that she’s bullied, however I actually think she is a lot more privileged than she seems to think. She got away with the way she spoke to Joe on Queen Radio this week, after all. Not many others seem to think there was an issue with the way she behaved, and I doubt any of this will hinder what she has planned in the slightest. Could we really the same for any other black female rapper had they spoken that way to someone as influencial as Joe Budden, in a room full of men within the music industry? Somehow, I just do not think so.


Lukewarm Girl Summer


Okay I know it’s been a while, and what better way to say “I’m back again!”, than to let you know what I think about the official anthem for us hot girls, which has finally dropped just this morning. So because it’s been so long, I’m going to do what I can to make it abundantly clear that the words which will follow are not hate at all.

I’d just like to start this out by saying I love Megan Thee Stallion. I love her music, I love her persona and everything that she’s about. This big ole freak came through swinging onto the scene with her debut song and we haven’t stopped loving her since. Megan has impressed me more than any other female rapper I’ve grown to love by far, just because she set the bar so high from the very beginning. I think by now we all know that we females love a woman who is so unapologetic-ally herself and just gives zero fucks. But one thing we all admire about Megan is that whilst her image is so raw and sexy, none of what she’s about says that it is for the attention of other men. It’s all about feeling confidently sexy in yourself as a woman, an empowering movement which introduced the rise of Megan Thee Stallion and the birth of our Hot Girl Summer.

So for those of you still stuck in Cold Bitch Winter, having a Hot Girl Summer is all about enjoying yourself and living your best life, just generally being the life of the party and enjoying yourself, and not giving a fuck what other people say in the process. This is the mantra that Megan Thee Stallion completely embodies; no matter what day of the year, whenever she’s out she always looks like she’s having a Hot Girl Summer.

Anyone following Megan would have been aware that her single Hot Girl Summer was finally supposed to drop on Friday 2nd August. But suddenly, shortly after a FaceTime call between the hyped Nicki Minaj and the gassed Megan Thee Stallion began circulating everywhere, she announced that she would be pushing her release date back to Friday 9th August. The general consensus amongst Meg fans was that this had to mean Nicki was hopping on the track, and I only had to watch a couple of Rumour Reports on The Breakfast Club to confirm that this was in fact the case. Hot Girl Summer was going to be featuring Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign. Well that in itself set the bar high, which was a perfectly reasonable reaction with any new Megan Thee Stallion single at this stage. But considering that our anthem, which was now so close yet so far away from our outstretched fingertips, would now feature Nicki Minaj, a female icon many consider the current Queen of Rap? Yes, this was definitely a release to await eagerly.

However it is with a heavy heart that I must admit, I did face disappointment this morning. I wasn’t 100% sure about the short snippet that I’d heard on The Breakfast Club a few days ago, but I reserved my judgement then because the sample was really only a few seconds. I hate it to say it, but unfortunately Hot Girl Summer just didn’t do it for me. If I’m going to be completely honest, the song wasn’t bad at all. But as I mentioned, the bar has already been set pretty high, as it should be considering it is a feature between Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj, contrasting flows tied together with the melodious bars of Ty Dolla $ign. Let me just be clear, Megan is one of the reasons why in my previous paragraph I referred to Nicki Minaj as “a female icon many consider the current Queen of Rap” instead of just calling her the Queen of Rap. It is because today’s female rappers are taking not just hip hop music, but all genres of music, to a completely different height. The likes of Cardi B, Lizzo, City Girls, Kash Doll, Saweetie and Megan Thee Stallion, amongst others, have been a huge contribution to this fact, and there’s no denying it. I don’t quite know if I’d say that any of them are ready to take the crown from Nicki, but at the very least the order of who’s next in line may need to be re-established.

Anyway I say all this to explain that I really did not enjoy the absence of the feeling that I wanted to jump off the sofa and twerk my ass off as soon as I heard Hot Girl Summer for the first time. Then when I had barely tapped my foot to the beat hearing it the second time, and only started to perk up slightly when hearing it the third time, I knew that it hadn’t done what it should have done. This should have been the tune that I was listening to on repeat as I was writing this, because I was just that obsessed with it. The tune that would make me go fucking crazy if it drops later tonight when I’m out. A song we could put on our pre-drinks playlist and blast in a couple weeks as we get ready for carnival and get lit at the same time. But no, no ladies, it’s not that tune. Well, not in my opinion anyway. Like I said, the song is okay. But that is the best thing I can honestly say to describe it…”It’s okay.” It’s not giving me Hot Girl Summer vibes, more like Lukewarm Girl Summer vibes. But I don’t want a Lukewarm Girl Summer, thank you very much. I was very much enjoying the entry level vibes of our Hot Girl Summer. As I mentioned, Carnival is still a couple of weeks away. At best, this will be the tune you’ll throw on for a minute, before you get it popping with the real twerking favourites. But even in that case, what’s better than a little Bodak Yellow to set the vibes?

What I’m trying to say, in my very special long-winded ramble, is that this single is one I had already prepared to love. But it just didn’t give me everything I wanted or expected. It didn’t showcase anything anywhere near either Megan or Nicki’s real abilities, and I barely remembered Ty Dolla $ign was in it throughout. Although I can’t say that I don’t like the song, I would definitely say that out of all the Megan’s songs that I do like, it is the one I like the least. As for my favourite Nicki Minaj features, this one wouldn’t even make it onto that list.


Cardi B Wins A Grammy…meanwhile BET are being dragged by their lace fronts

Ahh I’m so witty 😂

I’m sure most of you are aware by now of how big of a Cardi fan I am. So of course I’m so happy that she was awarded with a Grammy. It was well deserved; her album was my second favourite of the year last year. (I have to give the #1 position to Everything Is Love by The Carters, of course). She worked so hard on it, while she was pregnant, and the final result really showed. This definitely made up for not winning a Grammy the year before for Bodak Yellow, which also would have been well deserved.

What I find very irksome is the fact that when females are celebrated for their accolades, certain others always take a win for one female as a loss for another. Isn’t it enough that women already have to work twice as a man has to be the recognised and given equal respect, particularly black women? Why can’t a woman celebrate an achievement without anyone trying to tear down another female in the process? Cardi is the first solo female rapper to be awarded awarded with a Grammy, and don’t forget that she was the only female in her category as well. Now shouldn’t this be a win for Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim, Remy Ma, Missy Elliott and any other female rapper currently doing her thing, that once did her thing or is busy trying to come up? That’s the way I see it, but apparently BET do not agree.

I don’t know if you saw the tweet by BET that was posted swiftly after the Grammy’s had finished and all the announcements hit social media. But BET posted a tweet rejoicing in Cardi B’s victory, but clearly couldn’t resist posting it with the sub-heading “Meanwhile Nicki Minaj is being dragged by her lace front”, hence my witty title for this post. Wow…the shade though.

If you read my previous post Cardi vs. Nicki Minaj, I think I make it pretty clear where I stood during their whole beef. I was riding with Cardi all day, as I considered Nicki Minaj’s behaviour whack and petty as fuck. However this did not take away my love for Nicki’s music; I still listen to her music just as much as Cardi’s. It certainly wouldn’t have stopped me being happy for Nicki if she had won a Grammy (although if it was for Best Rap Album, I would have still thought it should have gone to Cardi as I do think her album was better than Nicki’s. That’s just my personal opinion).

Nicki’s reaction was to pull out of the performance she had planned on doing for BET during the summer, along with Lil Wayne and the rest of the Young Money crew, who we all know ride for their team until the wheels fall off. Regardless of how I felt about Nicki during her and Cardi B’s beef, I completely understand why she had the reaction she had and do not blame her at all. In fact, for Nicki I thought it was a very mature and classy way to handle it. No cussing, no dragging them on social media. She just simply said “Oh that’s the wave you’re on BET? Okay cool, you can dead that performance then.” BET were really selling themselves short by posting that, particularly for a platform who’s sole purpose is to remain neutral and celebrate all black entertainers equally.

However shortly after the backlash, BET did release a statement apologising to Nicki Minaj and her fans, insisting that this tweet should never have been posted and that it does not reflect what their about or how they feel about Nicki. They also assured the public that they were “taking additional appropriate action” and that they were “conducting an internal audit to assure these types of posts are not published again”. We all know what that means: somebody got fired. I knew that from reading between the lines, even before Nicki Minaj apparently tweeted a photo of the girl who posted it after BET fired her. Now this on the other hand is a classic Nicki Minaj move that I do not agree with. I understand that a lot of people want others to realise that they can’t just hide behind a keyboard, and it is important to suffer the consequences of your stupid actions. However we all know the Barbs are crazy. Unleashing them on that girl, inadvertently or not, is not going to solve anything. It’ll most likely just potentially lead to more problems. While I understand that Nicki cannot control the actions of others, if you are aware of the heat that can be brought and you continue to fuel the fire, then I feel that she should take some responsibility if something were to happen to that girl now. She cannot say that she isn’t aware of what her fans are capable of after Cardi B showed us all the messages she got from crazy Barbs when her number got leaked. Keyboard warrior or not, anyone who threatens the life of an innocent infant has a screw loose.

These said Barbs managed to find out this girl’s social media handles, email and home address just from Nicki Minaj releasing her photo and Twitter handle. Yes, her home address. And all this is for what Nicki? Even if they are fans of yours, I’m sure you don’t want them doing a Liam Neeson and finding this bitch. Yes, she did an incredibly stupid thing but she doesn’t deserve the nightmare that will undoubtedly come her way as a result of Nicki’s anger. It’s almost as if she doesn’t realise that these actions are what make people want to tweet something like that about her in the first place. However I guess the girl was aware of Nicki’s antics before she tweeted that, so I suppose she should have thought about that before. It’s a difficult one, but while I definitely think Nicki should have acted more responsibly, I can’t put all the blame in her lap as BET did start this war in the first place. Maybe one day a female can simply just be celebrated for her accomplishments without all this nonsense as part of the package.

Liam Neeson: Racist or Nah?

I’m sure that almost everyone with a hue as dark as mine has been made aware of this tea, but just in case, I will fill you all in.

Liam Neeson did an interview for The Independent a few days ago to promote his upcoming movie, Cold Pursuit. The story is about a man who’s son dies of a heroin overdose. The man then becomes a vigilante when he finds out that his son was in fact  murdered by a drug cartel, and he searches the town to find this man…and kill him. I’m sorry, I just couldn’t resist.

During the interview, the journalist asks Liam Neeson if he has ever been in a similar situation in real life, where he was so intent on finding someone to avenge them for something they had done. For some reason, Liam responds by telling a story of how a close friend of his told him that she had been raped by a man. He asked his friend if she knew the man and she said she didn’t. Liam then asked her what colour he was, and she said that he was a black man. He didn’t mention for any other physical description except for his skin colour. Apparently that was all he needed, because shortly after hearing the account from his friend, he then proceeded to wander the streets with a weapon for about a week, looking for any black man and just hoping that they would start an argument with him so that he could kill them. Well actually, if you listen to the audio, his exact words were that he wanted to kill the first “black bastard” that started on him. He said the words “black bastard” with so much passion that I’m honestly wondering if Liam Neeson still feels this way.

Now, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, I have so much to say on this topic but I’m just going to provide a few choice words. Firstly, why did Liam even need to tell this story? He literally just dug himself his own grave for no apparent reason. He could have lived his full life as he has been without ever telling anybody that story. He insists that he wanted to put it on the table because it needs to be discussed, but why would you ever think that this would do you any good or paint you in a positive light? The fact that he was so willing to speak to a journalist shows that he doesn’t think it was that big of a deal.

Secondly, and this is my main point here, WTF!? Now let’s just point out the obvious from the start: of course it is terrible that his friend got raped, regardless of the skin colour of the rapist, it is a horrible and traumatic situation which I would never wish on my worst enemy. However, your solution is to wander around with a weapon, looking for any random black person who crosses you so you can take it out on them? I don’t care what all these people who are trying to be on his side are coming out with, this is racial profiling at its very best, or worst even. I hate to break it to you Liam, but all black people don’t look the same. I know a lot of white people think that. Believe me, I’ve been called the wrong name at work before, because apparently there is no need to be aware of the distinction between the three black girls in the entire office. However, breaking news, we are all separate individuals. So Liam, when some black people do despicable things, such as what happened to your friend, this does not mean that all black people are alike. The fact that some black men have raped women does not mean that all black men are rapists. So what would this cold pursuit of yours have changed? How is taking your anger out on the first black man you discover, and inflicting pain on their family, going to help your friend in any way?

Liam Neeson rapidly went on Good Morning America shortly after the audio from his interview went viral, no doubt ordered to do damage control by his team. The interviewer asked him if he would have had the same reaction if his friend had told him it was a white man who raped her. Such a brilliant question, as I was thinking the very same thing when I heard the story. Liam replied that he absolutely would have had the same reaction. He went on to say that “if he was Irish, a Scot or Brit or a Lithuanian, he knows he would have had the same reaction.” Ahhh but Liam, no no no. You didn’t ask your friend what country he was from. You asked what colour he was. Apparently the country he was from didn’t matter when he was a black individual. Oh another fun fact about black people, we’re not all from the same country.
The interviewer also asked Liam how he got over this deep level of rage, and he replied that, aside from speaking to a priest, he would also power walk for two hours a day. Wow, really? So you just walked the racism off, that’s what you’re trying to tell me? Okay cool, you walk it out then Liam.

If I’m going to be objective, I understand that certain traumatic experiences can trigger something in people. And unfortunately, if that trigger sets off any violent urges, the victim can then take his anger out on “surrogates” who strongly resemble the person who is the source of the victim’s trauma. I watch Criminal Minds, so I get it. However, Liam Neeson was not the one who went through this traumatic experience. He is not the victim. Of course I’m not saying it would have been okay if the victim herself went around killing random black man. But at least that would have made more sense. I may have been able to buy that rather than you having prejudice towards our race, this was merely just an unfortunate result of a traumatic experience. However if my friend tells me she was sexually assaulted by a Chinese man tomorrow, as angry and devastated as I would be for her, I would not set out to attack the next Chinese man I encounter who pisses me off. That is simply ridiculous, and I believe that Liam Neeson was clearly using this experience at his own convenience, to do what I feel he has probably wanted to do to black men a long time before his friend told him that story.

What really baffles me is the celebrities that have defended him in his statements. Terry Crews said that he didn’t think he was a racist, and that Liam was simply at “a fork in the road” and went down the wrong path for a moment. Whoopi Goldberg insisted that he wasn’t a bigot, oh and the most idiotic and ridiculous defence, Fast & Furious actress Michelle Rodriguez. She recently came out and said that Liam Neeson was definitely not a racist, and could not be a racist because of the way he was kissing his co-star Viola Davis in the movie Widows. You know when you didn’t really know much about a person, but then they come out with just one thing which confirms that they’re actually an idiot. Yep, that’s Michelle Rodriguez. Firstly Michelle…isn’t he an actor? So if he is a racist, acting like he likes black women should be something he should be able to do right? I’ve seen all the Takens and his skills are up there, so I’m sure he could act like he likes black pum pum where necessary. Secondly, as Charlamagne pointed out on The Breakfast Club just yesterday, during slavery weren’t a lot of the female slaves raped by the slave-masters on the plantation? Didn’t quite a few of the masters pursue affairs with the slaves and end up impregnating them? Does that mean the slave-masters aren’t racist because they clearly desire black women? Michelle, please be quiet and stick to driving cars on-screen recklessly as opposed to talking recklessly. It’s not a good look babe.

I would love to end this by saying that Liam has joined the “cancelled list” for me personally, however I don’t really watch his films these days anyway. Most of his movies are incredibly similar to the role he played in the Taken films, so it just feels like more of the same all the time. Once you’ve seen Taken, you’ve seen them all basically. I didn’t even know he had a new upcoming movie until this story came out. I do feel bad for the other actors in the film who are suffering as a backlash to all this, as they did cancel the premiere, which was supposed to be just a few days after the interview. But hey, I guess he’s left a lot of them with feelings of vengeance now too. Well let’s just see if any of them start to seek out random, old, white douchebags to murder for no reason.

Kevin Hart Presents…Thanks to Haters, Not The Oscars

Well it seems that once again it seems that society has proven that there is one rule for black people and another for citizens of the Caucasian persuasion. For those of you who don’t know, Kevin Hart, who if you remember from one of my very first posts, happens to be one of my favourite comedians, was selected to host The Oscars next year. I don’t think I need to explain what an honour this is for anyone lucky enough to be chosen, but this is something that Kevin had particularly been hoping he would get the opportunity to do for some time. He mentioned this when he made the announcement himself, and made it clear just how thrilled he was to be selected. It is apparent that this is just one of those accolades that reminds people that they are really at the peak of their career, which Kevin Hart most definitely is.

Unfortunately his happiness was extremely short-lived, as he made the decision to step down just a few days later in light of some “homophobic” tweets that had recently been discovered. Yes I write homophobic in inverted commas, because I think this whole thing is bullshit.  Let me be clear, I have read the these tweets and I would be lying if I was to sit here and say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with them, and that they are not offensive in any way. However, let’s remember one thing: these tweets are from 2019! I think that we are all aware that our society and social etiquette has vastly grown and improved in the last decade, something I think every minority is grateful for. Do I think one or two of these tweets were insensitive? Yes I do. However there is a huge difference between who someone who literally has a deep dislike or prejudice against homosexuality, which is the exact definition of homophobia, and somebody who makes a joke in poor taste. I can’t think of any comedian I’ve grown up listening to who hasn’t used the F word or made an insensitive joke in their stand up routines back in the day. The same also applies to my favourite rappers who I’ve grown up listening too as well. The culture was just incredibly different back then; there are so many things that would have been socially acceptable to say in 2009, that would never be okay in 2018. Just as I’m sure there will be certain things you could get away with saying now, that will be a no-go by 2027. So why are we taking these moments and using them as a tool to potentially damage someone’s career almost ten years later!? It’s just wrong.

But the thing that really pisses me off about this situation is that within the past few years Kevin Hart has been on top, no one seemed to find him homophobic and offensive. When he was touring and doing sold out shows, and doing movie after movie that was blowing up on the box office, oh white people loved him then. That’s when he was hilarious! But literally as soon as he is selected to host The Oscars, now it’s time to drag up some old tweets from almost ten years ago. Now he’s insensitive and homophobic, and now it is time to hold him accountable for his actions? Okay people. The glitz and glam of The Oscars was a little too big of a step for black-ass Kevin Hart for you to be comfortable with? Is that it?

Furthermore, Nick Cannon (another comedian I’ve grown up loving) took it upon himself to dig up some old tweets from Chelsea Handler, Amy Schumer and Sarah Silverman where they all also use the F word. He poses the great rhetorical question: were these women ever forced to be held accountable for these statements, or ever suffer great backlash from any of their fans or the LGBTQ community? Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against these comediennes either. In fact, I love Amy Schumer. I think she’s hilarious, and I felt just as outraged about what they said as I felt about what Kevin Hart said in his old stand-up routine Seriously Funny, which is something else that was brought up in the midst of these old tweets. Basically, I did not feel outraged at all. Because unlike most people in our society today, I recognise when a joke is a joke, even when others more sensitive than myself may not find it so funny. At the end of the day, a comedian’s job is to make you laugh and sometimes that means toeing the line in areas that would be untouchable to some. Occasionally they may go over the line a little, but at the end of the day there is rarely any real malice or hatred behind it.

My point is simply this: there should not be one rule for some and another rule for others. Right is right, and wrong is wrong. One thing that I certainly consider to be wrong is jumping on the first opportunity to discredit a black man for statements he made so long ago, without even taking the time to appreciate that a person can evolve and grow, as per Kevin Hart’s original statement in response to all this. Not to mention, this still begs the question: why didn’t these aforementioned tweets matter when millions of people were buying tickets to watch Kevin perform live, or to see his many movies in the cinema. Because unfortunately to some people, watching a black man be funny on tour or on the big screen is just comfortable enough. But on stage at The Oscars? Nah, he’s getting a little carried away now, they probably thought to themselves. “Stay in your line nigga” is essentially what they’re trying to say. It deeply saddens me that Kevin felt forced to step down from the opportunity, and I do feel proud of him for apologising to anyone he offended and reiterating that he is continuing to evolve and grow. But I just want to end by saying that anybody who only deemed it necessary to drag Kevin Hart as soon as he stepped up to host The Oscars, but were aware of these tweets a long time ago, they are the ones who are prejudiced, not Kevin.

Cardi B vs. Nicki Minaj

Yes, I realise the controversy you are about to be privy to, even with the title alone. But this post is something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while now, way before the incident at New York Fashion week (in which I was riding for Cardi B all the way, by the way). I’ve had this all on my mind pretty much since Cardi released her album in Invasion of Privacy in April, and then I thought I’d save it until Nicki’s album Queen dropped, which was originally due to be released in June. Of course, in hindsight, it’s a good thing it didn’t come out then. The initial release date was Friday 15th June, however The Carters ended up surprising us all with the release of Everything Is Love on Saturday 16th June, which would have made Queen completely irrelevant had it ended up coming out when it was meant to. I reckon Nicki heard a tip off and then decided to push the date back, thinking “Bey and Jay are not going to be right behind me!” A wise decision. Anyway, there was talk of Queen being pushed back again a second time from Friday 10th August to Friday 17th, however it did end up being released on the 10th. I listened to the full album on the day, as I did with Cardi’s album.

When listening to Invasion of Privacy, my first thoughts when hearing Cardi’s first track, Get Up 10, was “Wow is that Cardi B spitting that fire!?” The thing is, I knew of Cardi’s abilities as a rapper even before Bodak Yellow. I watched Love & Hip Hop New York, and what with her raw humour and unwavering confidence, she was definitely one of my favourite characters. Then I saw her do an interview on The Breakfast Club and she was mainly talking about her experience as a female rapper trying to make it. Although I knew she was rapper from watching Love & Hip Hop, I’m not going to lie, I very rarely took the music from the artists on the shows very seriously. I was a viewer of all Love & Hip Hops strictly for the ratchet entertainment, so most of the time I wouldn’t even do my own research to find out for myself if their music was good. This really is a shame, and of course the rise of Cardi B has shown me that you should never underestimate artists and their craft simply because of the type of the platform they might be on. Although I have done my due diligence on other artists from the show since then, such as Mariahlynn and Dream Doll, and they are certainly no Cardi. I don’t think much of Mariahlynn and Dream Doll is okay at best. However that doesn’t mean that other good artists cannot emerge from the same platform. But, I digress.

So it was only when I was watching Cardi’s interview on The Breakfast Club back in 2016, and I was hearing Charlamagne and DJ Envy say that people do underestimate her, possibly due to her unique way of speaking, but she really is a good rapper. It was only then that I really became interested, and looked up her latest mixtape at the time, Gangsta Bitch Music, Vol. 1. I don’t think I really listened to the whole thing, but there was definitely some tracks that stood out for me, such as On Fleek, Washpoppin and a couple of separate single of hers like Cheap Ass Weave and Stripper Hoe. This was when I first knew that Cardi was about it. Her flow was so fluid and precise and she rides the beat effortlessly. Regarding her content, she is pure Cardi. She does not try and be anything else, and it is so marvellously raw and real.
This is exactly how I felt when listening to Invasion of Privacy, but ten times more. I was sold as soon as I heard Drip, which was only the second track. It’s crazy to think that a few days before the album was released, I was slightly worried that Bodak Yellow and Bartier Cardi were so good that a whole album just would not match up in comparison. However, as soon as I finished listening to the album (which, by the way, was on a late shift at work. I give zero fucks), the first thought that entered my mind was “That was pure fire, and I will never doubt Cardi again”.

When hearing Queen on 10th August, also coincidentally on a late shift at work, I initially thought my opinion on it would be very similar. I liked Ganja Burns, which was the first song on the album. I really liked the second song, Majesty, and I loved the third song, Barbie Dreamz. I was thinking, “Hey, I’m loving this. Off to a good start.” But then after that, I didn’t really feel a dislike for the songs that followed, but I didn’t really love them either. My initial review was that about 70% of the album was okay, but for Nicki Minaj’s standard it was pretty disappointing. I listened to it again for a second time, and I felt a little better about a couple of the songs, however the diagnosis was still disappointing overall. But I think what helped is that I had started listening to Queen Radio, and of course Nicki only really plays her own songs with her self-obsessed self, particularly the ones off her new album. Although I guess the Barbs do demand it via social media, so fair enough. A few of the songs started to grow on me the more I heard them. I guess because Nicki is such a hard lyricist, you have to really listen to some songs a couple of times before you can really appreciate it’s brilliance. So upon reflection now, Nicki has her faults but she sure as hell has not lost her fire in the booth. Yes, that was a pun.

So talent-wise, Nicki definitely dominates Cardi as a lyricist. I don’t think I can really say there is a female rapper that can spit better than her, and not even that many male rappers releasing music right now. However because Nicki has different vibes and moods with her music, not every song really appeals to me. But I like every single track on Invasion of Privacy, and that is very rare for me. There have been so many fantastic albums released this year, but the only three in which I like every single song on it is Invasion of Privacy, Everything Is Love and Carter V. Cardi B is also much more approachable as a personality. Both women have worked incredibly hard, so I am not taking that away from Nicki in any way, however Cardi regularly talks about her struggle from her childhood, to the strip club to where she is now. Her album makes you want to dance, cry, laugh and turn up all the same time, and I don’t think there are many artists that can do that. She leaves all her dedication and hard work in her pen, and I just feel as if Nicki holds back a bit. This is her fourth album, and she still hasn’t really rapped about anything real. This goes for her videos as well. They are just more of the same; her latest one Barbie Dreamz was extremely disappointing. I actually got so bored and kind of stopped paying attention halfway through, which should not be a reaction to a Nicki Minaj music video.

Although I wanted to make this mainly about comparing the two icons and their music, I do have to touch on the fact that Nicki Minaj is unfortunately not someone I feel that I can look up to as a woman. She has come for Cardi B on several occasions, and thinks she can get out of it because she’s clever enough not to make a clear, black-and-white diss that somebody can quote her on. But if you listen to her music, and are familiar with the history of both artists, Nicki can cop the plea all she wants but there are certain lines she says in a few of her songs where she is blatantly speaking on Cardi. I’m not saying that the way Cardi reacted at New York Fashion Week was the right answer, but at the same time you cannot continuously bate somebody and then be horrified at the reaction they choose to give you. If you don’t want smoke, then why are you bringing the heat? And let’s be real, we all know that Cardi is that bitch. So I don’t quite understand why people were shocked when all she did was prove that she’s not all talk. As Remy Ma said on State of the Culture, Joe Budden’s new show where she sits on the panel as a co-host, she was throwing shoes on Love & Hip Hop literally two years ago.

Speaking of which, Nicki responded with petty shade on Queen Radio a couple of days later, and one of the many things she mentioned was that she would never talk about somebody’s child or their skills as a mother (which was the final straw that threw Cardi over the edge and led to shoe-throwing the incident). Well, I know for a fact that this isn’t true because she clearly disses Remy Ma and indicates that she is a bad mother on her song, No Frauds. Of course she doesn’t mention her by name, but the appearance of Remy’s ex-friend Rah Ali in the music video makes it pretty obvious who the shade was directed towards. So essentially, what I’m trying to say is that Nicki acts as if that she isn’t an instigator, but she clearly is. There are also rumours from other female artists, not just Cardi, who have said that Nicki has literally tried to stop them from working with certain artists or not being attendance at award shows. Of course, this is probably something that we, as the public, will never know for sure.

So to conclude, both women are incredibly successful at this moment in time, and rightly so. Nicki Minaj is undoubtedly the better lyricist, however, in my opinion, Cardi’s last body of work easily surpassed Nicki’s. Cardi has really only just gotten started, so there’s no telling what she will bring the table next. However I am definitely looking for something more out of Nicki. We get it: you have a big fat ass, titties, money, haters and you love the dick. What else do you have to say?
With regards to this Nicki/Cardi beef, the only thing I would say Cardi is really guilty of is letting people’s comments get to her too easily. However, as this is something I have been guilty of on several occasions, I completely understand that brushing certain things off can be much easier said than done. I’ve loved Cardi since Love & Hip Hop, and regardless of her limits being pushed, that hasn’t changed. We are only human after all, and for the majority of us, talking about people’s children is usually their trigger, regardless of whether you are a celebrity or not. On the other hand, Nicki is extremely clever and calculating. She knows exactly how to push people’s buttons in the perfect way for them to react, but also leaving her able to hold up her hands and say that people are “bullying her” and “calling her that bad guy”. Nicki, I love you but knock it off. We see you. I just hope that she can finally calm down at some point, stop with the antics and allow us to simply focus on her music and everything we really love about Nicki Minaj.