Nicki Will Retire With The Crown, Yes

My stance on this might seem a little misleading judging by the last posts I’ve recently written about Nicki Minaj. You guys know I think she stays trolling lately, but despite her antics, which I’ve only detested because they were just a distraction from her undeniable talent, I have always consistently loved Nicki’s music. I loved her when she first blew up on the mainstream scene with Young Money and released Pink Friday as a solo artist shortly afterwards. I didn’t love when she started to go the pop route with songs like Starships and Super Bass, but I still had a great deal of respect for her ability. Then when she got back to what I consider to be the real Nicki with The Pinkprint album, she never wavered again, in my opinion.

Okay for those who may not know what I’m talking about, Nicki Minaj announced that she would be retiring over Twitter a couple of days ago. It certainly came as a surprise to the general public, not to mention her beloved and faithful Barbs. I’m sure they cried in despair and organised a memorial service to say goodbye. Nicki’s reason for officially dropping the mic was that she wants to concentrate on having a family. She changed hernicki-minaj-retirement-tweet Twitter name to Mrs. Petty a couple of weeks ago now, which made the public believe that she and her boo, Kenneth Petty, had officially tied the knot. Although that fact is still yet to be confirmed for sure.

My first thought when I read Nicki’s tweet was “Really?”. However this was more out of selfishness, because I really wasn’t ready to come to terms with there being no more music from her. But then I took a second to think about it logically, and realised that it did make perfect sense that she’d want to do that. Nicki’s made it very clear for a while now that she wishes to get married and settle down with her man. She will be turning 37 in a few months, so I totally get why she might want to focus on having children straight away, especially since this is a man she’s known for more than half her life.

One thing I don’t understand is why TMZ are insisting that this announcement is coming out of nowhere, and the timing doesn’t make any sense. Firstly, I wouldn’t quite say that the announcement isn’t coming from nowhere, as per the reasons I mentioned above. nicki and kennethSecondly, the timing might not seem like it makes sense on the surface when it comes to her professional career. But I have a theory that this is not the case, and certainly isn’t when it comes to her personal life. It seems that TMZ’s reasons for questioning this are the statements Nicki made on Queen Radio a couple of weeks ago, the same episode where she tore Joe Budden a new one, as far as I remember. She confirmed that she and Kenneth had applied for their marriage license, and that she was also working on an album. Nicki went onto say that she would be married before the album came out, but they would then have the big wedding ceremony after it had been released. So I guess the teeny minds of TMZ writers couldn’t contemplate why Nicki would make the decision to retire a few weeks later, particularly since a source apparently revealed Nicki has several songs in the works, and still has studio time scheduled until the end of next month.

Well let me tell you my theory, which isn’t that much of a hot take, but here goes: I think Nicki is still planning on dropping her album. It just seems that this is apparently going to be the last one, which makes me even more excited for its release, as it’s sure to be fire. Probably with mad features as well. It is possible for Nicki to drop the album and retire afterwards, geniuses at TMZ. Another theory that is being put out there is that Nicki isn’t retiring at all, and that this tweet was just a result of frustration at the trolling, the accusations of not writing her own lyrics, the bullshit about her man being an ex-con and the rest of it. I usually wouldn’t really have trouble believing this either, but I just have a feeling that Nicki is serious on this one. If this is a result of her frustration, I must say, this just makes me feel bad for her. I will always stand by the fact that she has been contributing to a lot of this, especially lately. However I don’t think she deserves to feel as if she’s being bullied off the throne that she rightfully earned. Just a little less tomfoolery on social media would have been great.

Like I said though, I do think that she is serious about retiring, and this might well be her last album. But I do think that she will still release singles and feature on other artists’ tracks from time to time. She’ll most likely just do a Diddy or a Jay-Z and become a boss outside of music, making money and creating ventures for herself in other lanes. She has already confirmed that she will still be doing Queen Radio, something else I suspected. In Nicki-Minaj-ca27fact, Nicki actually said this in response to a distraught Barb who was clearly having trouble coming to terms with the news. She apologised to the grieving fan, stating that the tweet was abrupt and insensitive, and assured her that she would be giving a more detailed explanation on Queen Radio shortly. This is always one thing I have respected about Nicki: she clearly loves and respects her fans. In fact, she treats them more like dear friends than fans. Nicki has always been one of those rare entertainers who completely understand that her fans got her where she is, and never lets them forget her gratitude. In this particular case, I didn’t think an apology on her part was even necessary. She can make the announcement any way she deems fit. The tweet may have been slightly abrupt, but definitely not insensitive. Nicki is an abrupt person and we love her for it; I only personally object when that abruptness is turned into belligerence and/or disrespect.

I just really hope Nicki’s departure from the game is of her own accord, and not because she feels unappreciated or that she’s being pushed out. Because I’ve said this once before, and I’ll say it again: I do not consider myself a Barb. But I have been a fan of Nicki Minaj since I was 17 years old. That is almost ten years, quite a large chunk out of my life. When I hear songs like Moment 4 Life, it just takes me back to my young college days, where songs like Nicki’s was part of our soundtrack and everything seemed possible. She was a force to be reckoned with, and refused to filter herself. In other words, Onika Maraj inspired me. So although she has no idea who I am, and most likely couldn’t give less of a rat’s ass about nicki gif 3my opinion, I think of myself as having the same relationship with her as she does with her Barbs. Any criticism I have given, or may give her in the future, comes from a place of love, not hate. I just want her to thrive like the queen that she is, and spend a little less time and attention on the bullshit. However she seems to be in a good place right now, and I am happy that she appears to be making the decision she thinks is best for her. I mean, she did just tell us nine years ago that she would retire with the ring. She wasn’t lying; I guess we should have believed her then. (For those unfamiliar with the song, yes, retire with the crown and the ring. She’s a champ and a queen, and what!?)


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