Power Returns: *SPOILER ALERT

Ding dong, the bitch is dead! Like it wasn’t exciting enough that Power is back, but then they decided to bless us with a gift!? Thank you Curtis Jackson, you will forever be appreciated for it.

As I’m sure you’ve figured out, I am ecstatic that Angela finally bit the dust. For me personally, she ties first for the most hated side chick in history with Becky with the Good Hair. She was the sole reason why I gave Power a break after the first episode of Season 2, and only decided to go back to it last year. At the time, I insisted that the only thing that would make me go back was Angela dying. Only then could I enjoy watching it, knowing that she would eventually meet her downfall. Turns out I was wrong about that, and Power is a pretty amazing show. So the fact that Angela has finally fallen is just the ever so sweet cherry on top!

Overall, the premiere episode of the final season was good. Everything that makes Power the incredible show it is: raw, unpredictable and riveting. There were a few things I gathered while watching this episode though. The first is that sexy but selfish motherfucker Ghost. Let’s discuss him for one second. Ghost is literally toxic masculinity personified. This is something I knew pretty much from the beginning when he first started fucking with Angela. But imagine your husband does not want you anymore, and instead would rather spend all his time chasing his glorified side bitch?Then you go and get a new man, aka Terry Silver, who I personally really loved for Tasha. We all know that Ghost doesn’t want Tasha, but the selfish demon inside him refuses to let any other man have her. So what does he do? He kills him. Simply because in his eyes, it’s still his toy and he doesn’t want anybody else playing with it, despite the fact that he brutally threw it out of the toy box ages ago. Men are trash. I hope Tommy kills him and Tasha gets everything. I spoke Angela’s death into existence, so I believe I have the power (no pun intended) to figure this out as well.

tashaThis brings me to my second observation: Tasha is the most decent, goodhearted victim I’ve ever seen on screen. She actually feels bad about Angela’s death a little. She even convinced Tariq not to be so indifferent about her death, as she also risked everything to save him. Okay now I hate that little shit that is Tariq almost as much as Ghost, but he is absolutely right about one thing: Angela is pretty much the cause of all of this, along with Ghost, of course. If she hadn’t been so dickmatised in the first place, she would have never wrapped herself into all this and gotten herself in that compromising situation in the first place. Nobody asked her to compromise her job, her reputation and her freedom. Not to mention, Tasha brought up the fact that Angela saved Tariq almost as if she was some hero who did her a favour. Tasha, babe, everything that bitch did was for Ghost! Don’t you remember? Do you really think she was going to see Ghost’s son go to jail, especially so shortly after the loss of his daughter? I don’t think so. Nothing could ruin their plan to run off into the sunset together, not if she can help it. And nothing puts a damper on that than one twin dead, and the other in prison. Although selective memory loss seems to run in the family, because Tariq is running around grieving Kanan’s death, like he wasn’t only recruiting him as his sidekick to get to Ghost. But you know, we already know he’s stupid. That being said, I’m happy that Tasha finally dropped the D word (divorce) and she’s not taking Ghost’s bullshit anymore. Although she knows he killed Terry, so we’ll see if she doesn’t decide to kill him instead…

Another thing: why does everybody test Tommy? I think we should all by now that this motherfucker is crazy. He killed his father and his pregnant girlfriend (he didn’t know she was pregnant at the time, but still). He gives zero fucks! So I really can’t feel mad about Tommy killing Poncho and being so blase about it. He even warned him to sit down, but he didn’t want to listen. So that’s what happens when you push crazy motherfuckers. Tommy will have to cause a massacre at this rate, just to show people he’s not playing. Even Ray Charles can see that Tommy is not the one. I mean, he smoked Kanan. Like, literally smoked him. I rest my case.

Can we also just discuss the fact that these feds are nowhere near as smart as they seem to think they are? Firstly, why are we just trusting anything Saks has to say when we all know that all he knows how to do is run his mouth? Secondly, I understand that Ghost is literally going to be prime suspect number one in Angela’s murder. It all adds up on paper, and it isn’t hard to believe that he could murder her despite being in love with her. At the end of the day, lovers have killed their other half for much less. But think about it: you really think that Ghost shot her and then brought her to the hospital straight away? That was his master plan? You think a man who got a nickname like Ghost, who wasn’t even correctly identified by them until Season 2, makes dumb ass moves like that? And they’re not even considering any other suspects, like Angela didn’t have other enemies? It’s a good thing that I am a much bigger fan of Tommy than Ghost, so I am honestly not opposed to the idea of him going down for it.

Finally, I think you all know where I’m going with this. Yep, the theme song, let’s talk about it: WTF? 50, who asked you?? The theme song was literally one of the most lit things about Power, it’s right up there with Omari Hardwick’s sexy ass! I saw a video of 50 Cent on The Shade Room telling people to lay off Trey Songz, as he did it as a favour for him. That shit was Trey Songz? Wow I really could not tell, because that shit was trash. Garbage. UTTER RUBBISH. Sorry, I know I’m doing a little too much, but seriously. That had better just be some fancy shit for the first episode of the season. Bring Joe back, because nobody asked you to switch it up.

As I mentioned, I think they did a marvellous job with the season premiere. I’m everything-know-ahead-power-season-6-premiereabsolutely here for it. It’s officially a war between Tommy and Ghost, so it will be very interesting to see how this all plays out. At the moment, it seems that anybody can get it. We’re all aware of the well-known saying “All’s fair in love and war.” Well there is definitely a massively complicated entanglement of both going on, so I’ll be grabbing the popcorn and running to my TV screen next week. Maybe a little bit too much love where Keisha is concerned. I honestly hope that her stupidity doesn’t cause her to be one of the first to get it, because I really do enjoy watching LaLa on screen. I think she brings a lot to her character, especially given the little amount of screen time she has compared to the main characters. But Keisha is being so unnecessary right now. Being a ride-or-die is overrated sis, and should not even be an option to you when you have a kid. I know you are fictional and cannot hear me, but GET OUT NOW while you can still do so unscathed. That is all.


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