Lyrica, Your Man is not A1

So for those of you who watch Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, I’m sure you’ve caught wind of the latest drama between A1 Bentley and Lyrica Anderson. For those who don’t know, they are a married couple. Not to mention, Lyrica is a reputable singer and songwriter, and A1 is a producer. However, it doesn’t look they’ll be married for much longer, judging from the last episode of Love & Hip Hop.

Just to update you, pretty much the whole of last season was centred around Lyrica’s alleged infidelity. The rumour was that she had apparently fucked Safaree, as well as producer Roccstar who also tried to get involved and claim that Lyrica had slept with him as well. It was very difficult to tell what the truth was, as Lyrica categorically denied it the entire season. Safaree was being shady the whole time, acting like he was in a courtroom and never really confirming or denying anything. He was milking it way too much if you ask me, perhaps because he didn’t have anything else to offer to the story-line that particular season. Anyway, it seemed that A1 believed that Lyrica had never been unfaithful to him. However, in this week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop, they did then reveal that they had both been unfaithful to each other (although I’m sure I remember them admitting that during a previous interview at The Breakfast Club as well). a1 lyrica summerHowever, Lyrica was pregnant at the time and they didn’t think it was a good look for either of them. They also wanted to keep the situation as stress free as possible because of the baby. This is when they decided to wipe the slate clean and renew their vows. Ha! And here we are, less than a year later, and A1 has cheated on her again. With a young lady named Summer Bunni (eww, classy right?), who also happens to be the same woman who Offset cheated on Cardi B with! Did she name herself after a rabbit because she fucks like one? A1 said that he wanted to keep what he was doing to himself so as not to stress Lyrica out whilst she was pregnant, which led him to admit about their infidelity the year prior.

Okay now let’s unpack this properly: firstly, Lyrica and A1 both fucked up in the beginning, I think we can all agree on that. But then when we both decide to start afresh and renew our vows, this is when we should both make an equal effort to be faithful to each other. The fact that he couldn’t wait even a full year before he slid into another bitch’s pussy shows the respect he had. Secondly, Lyrica caught wind of the rumour on the internet before A1 had the decency of going to her to admit the truth. I feel sorry for all the women out there who first have to hear about their man’s transgressions on The Shade Room. Oh, the inhumanity. A1 if you didn’t want to stress her out, here’s a bright idea: stop fucking cheating! Thirdly, I’d just like to make it clear that I am not one of those people who blame the woman in the situation when the man cheats. In fact, I hate people like this. Unless the woman is your friend, family or someone you know, there is no reason you should expect any kind of loyalty to her. Therefore refrain from dragging her, and use all your energy to drag the man who’s actually been unfaithful to you. However, there are situations that some women really just ask for the smoke, and this is one of them. Summer Bunni has been publicly outed for sleeping with Offset, the husband of one of the most popular and successful female rappers out right now. Then had the nerve to go on Love & Hip Hop and profit from it, and the first thing she did wasn’t something to put a positive spin on her reputation, but to almost proudly speak on her intimate relationship with yet another well known married man in the music industry? Bitch, what!? Was your goal in life to be a public mistress and a pass-around?

My issue with Summer Bunni is…well firstly, that her name is Summer Bunni. I mean, another ewww at the cliche. My second issue is the way that she approached Lyrica. You see, Summer was in the middle of a confrontation with another cast member Apple Watts, who is also a friend of Lyrica’s. Lyrica and Princess Love happened to walk in (meaning the producers cued them in), and all Lyrica was doing was looking at the altercation, like everybody else was. For whatever reason, Bugs Bunny, or whatever she’s called, looks at her and aggressively asks, “what do you want?” Pardon me? Since you ask, I want you to not fuck my man, is that alright? Lyrica repeats her question, looking and sounding just as confused as I was. Princess then asked her why she was mad at Lyrica, before Energizer Bunny tried to get brave, so Princess went for her. And I do not blame her. Oh that’s another reason I don’t like Thunderbunny; she made me side with Princess. I mean, how do you actually have the nerve to fuck my man and be mad at me!? What in the name of side chicks? When Lyrica finally got the opportunity to confront her properly, she asked her what happened between her and A1. Summer lied at first, pretty obviously, stating that all that has occurred was the flirty FaceTime call which had been leaked in the media. But after only a minute, she went to find Lyrica outside and admitted that she and A1 had slept together. Multiple times. Oh and of course, she put the cherry on top of the shit sundae with the classic side bitch quote, “I’m coming to you as a woman.”

Now this is the part where I usually wouldn’t drag the woman, but now she kind of leaves me no choice. Where was all this woman to woman shit when her husband was balls deep inside of you? How can you go to her acting like you give a fuck about her feelings, when it’s clear you don’t if you’ve been comfortable enough to sleep with her man multiple times? Now this was Snow Bunny’s most hilarious line. They haven’t confirmed her actually day job yet (or maybe I just wasn’t listening to that part), but she must be a comedian because she actually said, “He knew he had a wife, why is it always me?” Sweetheart, accountability isn’t just a word in the dictionary you know. It’s always you, because you always choose to be there! With someone else’s man! Lyrica seemed to take my exact stance on it. She didn’t go in on the girl too much. She didn’t even try and fight her, which I am convinced the old Lyrica would have done. She pretty much said exactly what I said. She didn’t even drag A1 either. Some mature, post-motherhood shit.  But this is only the third episode, you never really know what will happen next on Love & Hip Hop. Although, you can pretty much always guarantee that someone will be fighting.

lyrica (2)Regardless of Playboy Bunny being an idiot though, the blame ultimately does lie with A1. He should at least know better than to fuck bitches messy enough to put his wife in that situation. While I understand that Lyrica had also cheated on him last year, he did the same thing. So if they’d agreed to put it all behind them, why would you not just leave her the moment you realise you weren’t able to be faithful? Especially when she’d just had his baby, you’d think he’d have at least that much respect for her. But I guess this is the trash that is men. I can ask rhetorical questions all day, but I don’t think I’ll ever get it. Especially the remarkable shared quality they seem to have where none of them make sense, yet they all understand each other. That will always be an enigma to me. But I guess if all men were sensible and made smart decisions, then this year’s season of Love Island would have been boring as fuck.

Although Lyrica told A1 she couldn’t be with him anymore in the episode, there’s no confirmation on whether the couple are actually getting a divorce just yet. I guess Mona Scott Young is making them wait to reveal it on the show. God, that woman is good! So no word yet on whether they’ve called it quits, but I personally think Lyrica deserves better. A1 might as well hop back on the Easter Bunny, before another married man walks in the room and she gets distracted.


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