A Royal Mistake? Methinks Not…

Wow, what kind of life are we living in if a Duchess can’t even fly on her private jet in peace? A life I am not familiar with, but I certainly don’t begrudge those who are lucky enough to be a passenger. Apparently the trolls on social media do not feel the quite the same way. Yep, there have been several keyboard warriors going in, most likely whilst riding their local bus or train. No shade, I am also a fellow bus wanker. But guess what? I still have absolutely no problem allowing the booked and busy to jet on their jets, with nary a complaint.

harry-meghanSo the latest is, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been reported to fly via private jet a little too much over the last couple of weeks. Too much for who, might I ask? “The planet”, the haters answered. Harry and Meghan flew to Ibiza for six days on 6th August to celebrate Meghan’s 38th birthday. Then shortly after returning the UK, Sir Elton John and his partner David invited the couple to come and stay at his home in Nice for a few days and sent a private jet for them. Apparently ever since the birth of the Royal baby, Meghan and Harry have preferred the use of private jets as opposed to chartered flights, to ensure privacy and security for baby Archie. A completely fair enough request, if you ask me.

To be honest, the only thing which surprised me when reading all this information was the fact that Elton John was prestige and certified enough to send out a casual invitation to royalty. I know he was knighted, but goddamn. Anyway, a handful of celebrities, including Elton John, Ellen DeGeneres and P!nk have rushed to the couple’s defence amidst all the backlash. Sir Elton John basically asked the press to shut the fuck up, and added that he and David had been sure to make the appropriate donation to Carbon Footprint, making sure their flight was carbon neutral. This came as no surprise, as despite all of this, Harry and Meghan are definitely loved by many. However, there are several haters that are insisting that it seems we are all paying taxes for Meghan and Harry to fly all over the world in their private jet. Okay firstly, relax please. A couple of flights to and from Ibiza and the south of France, and all of a sudden we’re all providing them with their pocket money? Is it not completely reasonable that they want to shield their son away from the madness of paps, press and people? And really, of course they’re flying on a private jet! Did you expect them to see them jump on an EasyJet flight? I do understand that hopping on a private jet has a much greater effect on the planet than forgetting to recycle your water bottle once or twice. However for two people who live such a high profile life, these things are unavoidable at times. You can be as meghan-and-harry-private-jetenvironmentally friendly as you like, but regardless, you are going to cause harm to the planet in some shape or form. It’s kind of like walking around in a white dress all day; I can try and avoid food, makeup and all the worst stain offenders. But the chances of returning home with the dress still pristine are very slim. If I’m considering the safety of my child, I may have to bite the bullet and make a choice that might not be the best for the environment, but is definitely the best for my child at this moment in time. Wouldn’t that be my duty as a mother?

Let’s just be real and say what this is really about: half of you are still mad that Harry didn’t do what you think he was supposed to do, and marry a palatable, sensible looking white girl to marry. Therefore, he and Meghan must receive flack for almost everything they do. I can’t help but notice the difference between the way Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have been treated since they joined the Royal Family. Meghan has been under a lot of scrutiny in my opinion, yet I think the only negative press I’ve ever seen on Kate Middleton was something involving Meghan as well. Apparently there was some talk about how the two women did not like each other and would argue a lot, and the public were worried that this would put a strain on the relationship between the brothers. Yeah, of course, because that’s the only thing women have to contribute: discord and distaste. Man, people can chat some shit. Anyway, apart from this, all I saw was press about how great Kate was and how amazing her sister Pippa and her ass was. To this day, I STILL do not understand this. We are living in the era of inflated bums and Kim K lookalikes, and that is considered a nice ass!? I refuse to even elaborate on the ridiculousness of this.

I know it might sound a little extreme to say it’s racist to point out what many consider to be hypocrisy where Harry and Meghan are concerned. However, let me remind you that just four months ago when Archie was born, CNN deemed it perfectly acceptable to tweet a piece titled “How Dark Will The Royal Baby Be?”. A fiver to guess the hue of the person who had the bright idea to write that? Oh and that’s nothing. Ex-BBC radio broadcaster Danny Baker tweeted an image supposedly meant to be of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry holding hands with a chimpanzee dressed in a top hat and suit and the caption: “Royal Baby leaves hospital.” I did want to include the picture, but I just refuse to mix that disgusting shit with my content. So I’m afraid if you are curious, I’m going to have to ask that you Google this. And get this, when the racist fucker got fired he actually said that the BBC had “thrown him under the bus”. Whaaat? Dude, you were driving that bus and reversed over your damn self for good measure. All these bigots are actually coming up with worse and worse “excuses” for their behaviour. It was the same when The Herald Sun published a caricature of Serena Williams, just after the incident where she was rightly standing up for herself after the umpire accused her of cheating. Like we don’t all know Serena would rather take a loss than cheat, and she’d do it in a graceful and regal way like the queen she is. The idiot “artist” reenacted the scene, but likened Serena to an ape-woman whilst doing it (again, please Google. This is a safe space). It was a similar reaction to Danny Baker; no apology at all, The Herald Sun simply defended the caricature and wrote that they “wanted to capture the on-court tantrum of Ms Williams using satire, caricature, exaggeration and humour, and the cartoon intended to depict her behaviour as childish by showing her spitting out a pacifier while she jumps up and down.” Oh, is that right? Well nice try, but I’ve never personally seen a baby that looks like that.

prince-harry-meghan-markle-royal-baby-tThese “excuses” are pathetic. In the case of Danny Baker, let’s leave race out of it for a second. Why is it funny to compare any newborn baby to a chimpanzee? I really don’t see who was supposed to laugh at that, particularly when you’re aware of all the racism that Meghan suffered leading up to the Royal Wedding, and since then. He really thought his “joke” would be well reciprocated, and he actually didn’t understand why he was fired? The entitlement is genuinely amazing, but you know what, I actually prefer the pathetic excuses. Be racist with your chest; I personally appreciate being able to identify trash like this easily, so I know who not to fuck with. So to the people complaining about Harry and Meghan’s flying habits, let’s address what it really is that you’re mad at, shall we?



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