Queen Radio vs. The Joe Budden Podcast

I’m not sure if any of you are as tuned into The Breakfast Club or Queen Radio as I am. However I know you do all hop into The Shade Room from time to time, so I’m sure you’ve heard about Nicki Minaj’s latest antics on this week’s Queen Radio.

For those who aren’t aware, Nicki recently had the hosts of my favourite podcast on her show on Tuesday: Joe Budden, Rory and Mal, who both are co-hosts on The Joe Budden Podcast. On his show the next day, Joe explained that he’d reached out to Nicki to do a swapsies; he and the boys would go on her show and she’d record the podcast with them. It was honestly a shame that it went left on Queen Radio, because I would have liked for them to touch on a little bit more than they did with Nicki. However, she decided to let Joe have it instead.

On an episode of his podcast last week, Joe, Rory and Mal were discussing the Instagram live call with Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj that was posted a couple of weeks ago. The gentleman were speculating, and saying that they thought that there was something a little calculated about the call, and that Nicki and Meg had probably already recorded Hot Girl Summer before they even got on Insta live together. Not that the bond between the two of them was fake, but they were essentially saying that they thought that the call was some kind of marketing strategy. When you listen to the episode, it’s very clear that they weren’t saying this theory as if there was something negative about this. But for those who don’t listen, Joe often looks at the evidence in front of him with things like this and forms a theory, drawing on his own experiences working in the music industry. However, regardless of the fact that this was never meant to be taken in a negative way, Nicki said that this was a lie and she had an issue with Joe spreading lies about her. She followed this up by touching on an episode from a few months ago where Joe speculated that Nicki didn’t know that Cardi B was on Motorsport before the song came out, as well as a different episode from about a year ago where Joe said that he thought Nicki was on drugs. This is when she proceeded to go apeshit and scream at him like a child, cutting him off every time he attempted to speak. She then literally cut his mic off to ensure that she got the last word.

Now, I’ve listened to both the episodes that Nicki was referring to, and I’m sure that if Joe had been given the chance to tell his side, he would have been able to elaborate on his comment on her taking drugs. These comments were on the back of a discussion that he and Rory were having (from what I remember, I don’t believe Mal was present for this episode) about Nicki’s reaction to a tweet made by Toronto-based writer Wanna. Wanna was simply stating that she wishes Nicki would come out with some more mature content, such as songs reflecting on hardships, relationships, being the female boss that she is etc. I believe she also mentioned that as she was approaching 40, a new direction may be needed. Now as a fellow woman, I can understand why that last comment might have been taken as shade. However I really do think that was a classic case of certain words having more of an effect when you read them, as opposed to saying it out loud. With regards to the rest of it, I see absolutely no issue. She was simply giving her opinion. However, Nicki proceeded to go in on her: calling Wanna an ugly hating ass hoe, telling her to eat a dick etc. She also hilariously forgot her own age in the tweet, and only seemed to realise her error almost ten minutes later.

Anyway, it may seem like an overreaction to assume that Nicki must be on drugs because of that. However, let’s firstly not forget the fact that she tells us she pops pills in nearly all her songs, so she definitely does drugs. I’m not too sure why she was trying to act as if this wasn’t the case, when she literally tells us she does. Secondly, Joe was merely making the point that Nicki had begun the habit of going apeshit when someone was giving an opinion she didn’t agree with. Did you come into the music business assuming that everyone was just going to like all your shit, and not expect anything more from your future music? I’m just quite confused, to be honest. How does a consumer wanting different kind of content from an artist warrant profanity and insults? This was the point Joe was making, and if you hear the episode, he does say “I’ve done a bunch of pills. I’m assuming, to be clear I don’t know.” The same disclaimer he throws in with absolutely every theory he makes.

So this is what Nicki was screaming at him for. To be fair, if she wasn’t taking drugs at the level Joe described, I can understand why she may have been offended. However, as I mentioned, I listen to Joe Budden’s podcast regularly. Enough to know that Nicki has his number, and has also seen him since he made these comments. So please tell me, if this angered you enough to repeatedly scream “you dumb fuck” at somebody, why are you addressing it over a year later, as soon as you have an audience and the announcement of an upcoming album? An audience which, from what Joe, Rory and Mal said on the podcast the next day, pretty much consisted of all men. Ohh of course, I’m positive she made sure she had the goons at the ready with the bullshit she was about to unleash.

After Nicki’s argument with herself, Joe exited the room. I don’t blame the guy at all. At this point, Nicki continued the discussion with Rory and Mal, who I feel acted wrongly in the situation also. Some listeners think they should have left with Joe, but I don’t agree necessarily. They came to do an interview and they wanted to see it through, which I completely respect. However, two things I didn’t like were the fact that Mal firstly gave the excuse that he understood Nicki’s delivery because she is from Queens so it’s unsurprising that she is very loud. I don’t care where you are from, this is not an excuse. I’m Nigerian, a lot of my people are loud and rude as fuck. There is a correct way to behave, and the way Nicki behaved wasn’t it, end of story. Secondly, Nicki actually said that she assumed that Joe was jealous of her and the opportunities she had gotten in the industry, and the two sitting next to her didn’t say anything to correct her or defend their boy. I have an issue with this, because they are not just co-hosts on the podcasts, they are both very good friends of Joe. No one could scream at my friend like that, and then sit next to me and say that they must be jealous of them, when I know for a fact that this is pure and utter bullshit. That is all.

Nicki also brought Charlamagne tha God into it, of course. Because Nicki loves to talk about Charlamagne just as much she thinks he likes to talk about her, whether she likes it or not. She collated a theory of her own: that Charlamagne teamed up with Safaree to try and cancel Nicki, using the likes of Remy Ma and Cardi B. Really Nicki? Safaree was with you ten years, and you thought the worst he could do is team up with Charlamagne and ask him to talk shit about you on The Breakfast Club? Now I’m sure that nigga is clever enough to think of something far better than that.

Onika Maraj pretty much wraps up all this to say that she’s not addressing men anymore, and that her husband and goons will address them instead. Nicki!? Why are you making this a street thing? I swear, artists are the most sensitive people on earth. She’s taking anything that has been said by Joe Budden and Charlamagne as an attack. They are a part of the media who are simply doing their job; to touch on what’s already out there and discuss it on their platforms. It’s not like they have a segment called Bash Nicki Minaj. They discuss any beef, rumours or shade that’s already out there and they move onto the next thing. Or does she expect them to give their honest opinion about everybody else and say nothing but nice things about Nicki Minaj? Sorry sweetie, it doesn’t quite work like that. Not that she seems to comment about the positive things that have been said about her on either platform, so who really cares.

I will finish by saying this, as I know there was a lot to unpack on this one: Nicki seems to think she is bullied by the media, and as soon as soon as a black woman defends herself she is angry or bitter. I swear, if one more black woman uses our plight as a defence for their own personal, unrelated issue, I will start a Twitter beef of my own. Not that I’ll get a reply, so I’ll be doing a Nicki and beefing with myself, but still. This bullshit is disgusting to me, and we need to STOP. Not everything is because of you being a black woman, sometimes you are acting up and it is as simple as that. Nobody has ever doubted Nicki’s talent; I would argue that she is the best lyricist making music right now, male or female. However, her trolling and fuckery cloud all this and almost don’t allow us to just see what she is ultimately trying to promote, her amazing talent. All these comments said about her in the media that she doesn’t like, her actions online shed so much more light on it than those outlets. She can continue to insist that she’s bullied, however I actually think she is a lot more privileged than she seems to think. She got away with the way she spoke to Joe on Queen Radio this week, after all. Not many others seem to think there was an issue with the way she behaved, and I doubt any of this will hinder what she has planned in the slightest. Could we really the same for any other black female rapper had they spoken that way to someone as influencial as Joe Budden, in a room full of men within the music industry? Somehow, I just do not think so.


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