Cardi B Wins A Grammy…meanwhile BET are being dragged by their lace fronts

Ahh I’m so witty πŸ˜‚

I’m sure most of you are aware by now of how big of a Cardi fan I am. So of course I’m so happy that she was awarded with a Grammy. It was well deserved; her album was my second favourite of the year last year. (I have to give the #1 position to Everything Is Love by The Carters, of course). She worked so hard on it, while she was pregnant, and the final result really showed. This definitely made up for not winning a Grammy the year before for Bodak Yellow, which also would have been well deserved.

What I find very irksome is the fact that when females are celebrated for their accolades, certain others always take a win for one female as a loss for another. Isn’t it enough that women already have to work twice as a man has to be the recognised and given equal respect, particularly black women? Why can’t a woman celebrate an achievement without anyone trying to tear down another female in the process? Cardi is the first solo female rapper to be awarded awarded with a Grammy, and don’t forget that she was the only female in her category as well. Now shouldn’t this be a win for Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim, Remy Ma, Missy Elliott and any other female rapper currently doing her thing, that once did her thing or is busy trying to come up? That’s the way I see it, but apparently BET do not agree.

I don’t know if you saw the tweet by BET that was posted swiftly after the Grammy’s had finished and all the announcements hit social media. But BET posted a tweet rejoicing in Cardi B’s victory, but clearly couldn’t resist posting it with the sub-heading “Meanwhile Nicki Minaj is being dragged by her lace front”, hence my witty title for this post. Wow…the shade though.

If you read my previous post Cardi vs. Nicki Minaj, I think I make it pretty clear where I stood during their whole beef. I was riding with Cardi all day, as I considered Nicki Minaj’s behaviour whack and petty as fuck. However this did not take away my love for Nicki’s music; I still listen to her music just as much as Cardi’s. It certainly wouldn’t have stopped me being happy for Nicki if she had won a Grammy (although if it was for Best Rap Album, I would have still thought it should have gone to Cardi as I do think her album was better than Nicki’s. That’s just my personal opinion).

Nicki’s reaction was to pull out of the performance she had planned on doing for BET during the summer, along with Lil Wayne and the rest of the Young Money crew, who we all know ride for their team until the wheels fall off. Regardless of how I felt about Nicki during her and Cardi B’s beef, I completely understand why she had the reaction she had and do not blame her at all. In fact, for Nicki I thought it was a very mature and classy way to handle it. No cussing, no dragging them on social media. She just simply said “Oh that’s the wave you’re on BET? Okay cool, you can dead that performance then.” BET were really selling themselves short by posting that, particularly for a platform who’s sole purpose is to remain neutral and celebrate all black entertainers equally.

However shortly after the backlash, BET did release a statement apologising to Nicki Minaj and her fans, insisting that this tweet should never have been posted and that it does not reflect what their about or how they feel about Nicki. They also assured the public that they were “taking additional appropriate action” and that they were “conducting an internal audit to assure these types of posts are not published again”. We all know what that means: somebody got fired. I knew that from reading between the lines, even before Nicki Minaj apparently tweeted a photo of the girl who posted it after BET fired her. Now this on the other hand is a classic Nicki Minaj move that I do not agree with. I understand that a lot of people want others to realise that they can’t just hide behind a keyboard, and it is important to suffer the consequences of your stupid actions. However we all know the Barbs are crazy. Unleashing them on that girl, inadvertently or not, is not going to solve anything. It’ll most likely just potentially lead to more problems. While I understand that Nicki cannot control the actions of others, if you are aware of the heat that can be brought and you continue to fuel the fire, then I feel that she should take some responsibility if something were to happen to that girl now. She cannot say that she isn’t aware of what her fans are capable of after Cardi B showed us all the messages she got from crazy Barbs when her number got leaked. Keyboard warrior or not, anyone who threatens the life of an innocent infant has a screw loose.

These said Barbs managed to find out this girl’s social media handles, email and home address just from Nicki Minaj releasing her photo and Twitter handle. Yes, her home address. And all this is for what Nicki? Even if they are fans of yours, I’m sure you don’t want them doing a Liam Neeson and finding this bitch. Yes, she did an incredibly stupid thing but she doesn’t deserve the nightmare that will undoubtedly come her way as a result of Nicki’s anger. It’s almost as if she doesn’t realise that these actions are what make people want to tweet something like that about her in the first place. However I guess the girl was aware of Nicki’s antics before she tweeted that, so I suppose she should have thought about that before. It’s a difficult one, but while I definitely think Nicki should have acted more responsibly, I can’t put all the blame in her lap as BET did start this war in the first place. Maybe one day a female can simply just be celebrated for her accomplishments without all this nonsense as part of the package.


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