Cardi B & Offset – Is It Really A Wrap?

Well I would be lying if I said I was shocked by it, but I definitely gave them more than a year in my head. I love Cardi, but unfortunately I had reservations about Offset since he got caught cheating on her the first time before they were even married. Or so we thought; it turned out they’d been married in secret since last September. But I digress.

For those who have been under a rock, welcome back to the world of social media. Cardi B made an announcement on her Instagram just last week stating that her and her husband Offset had officially broken up. Not long afterwards followed a picture of their beautiful baby Kulture, which she chose to reveal to the world for the very first time. Cardi insisted that she and Offset had been trying to work things out for a little while now, and that they just fell out of love. However she did also say that they still maintain a great friendship, and that she still has a lot of respect for him as he is her child’s father, and he taught her a lot about the music industry.

However nobody is buying that the reason for their split is that they simply fell out of love. Pretty much everyone tuned into this story is aware that it’s really down to Offset’s continuous infidelity. Some leaked text massages came to light just a few days apart from Cardi’s announcement, which shows Offset trying (incredibly hard by the sounds of it) to organise a threesome with a female rapper and her friend. The rapper is one of the many something-Dolls out here (eg. Kash Doll, Asian Doll), aka not on Cardi’s level. As in, she’d have to jump into several elevators just to get anywhere near her level.

To make matters worse, one of the girls did an interview with TMZ just after Cardi made her announcement, crying and insisting that she “didn’t know how serious Cardi & Offset’s marriage was” and even that she hopes they get back together. Oh bitch please. Don’t get me wrong, I am one of those people who always blame the guy in this situation and not the girl, as he is the one who is supposed remain faithful. If this girl is not a friend, family member or somebody I see on a regular basis, then I don’t expect any loyalty from you anyway, so I wouldn’t hold you accountable. However, please don’t come forward and act like you give a shit about my marriage, because you clearly don’t. You were all ready to take the side chick position without any complaints, so please stay in your lane and keep your crocodile tears and fake well wishes to yourself.

*deep sigh. Anyway, since the announcement, it seems like Cardi is truly done. And who can blame the girl? I know that unfortunately most men are going to slip up occasionally, especially when they live the crazy life of a star like Offset. I mean, if Jay-Z can cheat on Beyoncé, the Queen herself, then it can happen to anyone. But if you’ve cheated on me once (which he did, last year) and I give you a second chance, but then you do it again after barely a year, it’s now starting to look like a pattern. I’m not here for that; at the end of the day, if I know my worth and I know I deserve better, why should I stay with somebody who has proven to me more than once that he can’t be faithful?

Now I’m not saying Cardi shouldn’t take him back. At the end of the day, there’s clearly love there and they have a beautiful baby daughter. So I completely understand that she has her family to think about, as well as herself. Cardi even made a video a couple of days ago asking the internet trolls to lay off Offset (that was weird to type). In this video, she made the very good point that she could find another man who’s rich, successful, good-looking and all the rest of it, but he still won’t love her daughter as much as Offset. Now this is an incredibly good point, and very true. But I do think she deserves someone to love her the way she deserves. So if Offset can’t do that, then she should find someone who can. However I also acknowledge that he’s a young man at the peak of his career, and it can be easy to fall prey to temptation in the midst of all the glitz and glamour. So perhaps the two of them can work things out in time.

My real issue is all the people (mainly men, of course) on social media that are encouraging Cardi to take Offset back on the basis that “all men cheat”. I’m sorry, but this is some bullshit. I guess I get what some of them are ultimately trying to say, which is that most men cheat, so why get rid of someone that you really love just to replace them with a man who is probably going to do the same thing. I guess I can kind of see their point. However, there is absolutely no sense in me weakening myself just because the majority of males share the same transgressions. The issue is those men and their infidelity, so why should I have to be the one to be accommodating? Not to mention, this is a complete double standard, because anytime a woman cheats on a man she is considered trash, and you wouldn’t have scores of women telling men to just put up with it. Anyway, the aim is certainly not to get with a man who’s going to do the same shit. If it were, I would agree with the fact that breaking up with a cheater would just be redundant. The aim is to find someone much better than my last, one who hopefully won’t do the same things and will treat me in the way I deserve. If it turns out that this isn’t the case, then it’s onto the next one. Simple as that.

Anyway, these are simply my thoughts and opinions. I am still very much a part of the Bardi Gang, so as she keeps bringing that fire and making schmoney moves, I will continue to support her.


Kevin Hart Presents…Thanks to Haters, Not The Oscars

Well it seems that once again it seems that society has proven that there is one rule for black people and another for citizens of the Caucasian persuasion. For those of you who don’t know, Kevin Hart, who if you remember from one of my very first posts, happens to be one of my favourite comedians, was selected to host The Oscars next year. I don’t think I need to explain what an honour this is for anyone lucky enough to be chosen, but this is something that Kevin had particularly been hoping he would get the opportunity to do for some time. He mentioned this when he made the announcement himself, and made it clear just how thrilled he was to be selected. It is apparent that this is just one of those accolades that reminds people that they are really at the peak of their career, which Kevin Hart most definitely is.

Unfortunately his happiness was extremely short-lived, as he made the decision to step down just a few days later in light of some “homophobic” tweets that had recently been discovered. Yes I write homophobic in inverted commas, because I think this whole thing is bullshit.  Let me be clear, I have read the these tweets and I would be lying if I was to sit here and say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with them, and that they are not offensive in any way. However, let’s remember one thing: these tweets are from 2019! I think that we are all aware that our society and social etiquette has vastly grown and improved in the last decade, something I think every minority is grateful for. Do I think one or two of these tweets were insensitive? Yes I do. However there is a huge difference between who someone who literally has a deep dislike or prejudice against homosexuality, which is the exact definition of homophobia, and somebody who makes a joke in poor taste. I can’t think of any comedian I’ve grown up listening to who hasn’t used the F word or made an insensitive joke in their stand up routines back in the day. The same also applies to my favourite rappers who I’ve grown up listening too as well. The culture was just incredibly different back then; there are so many things that would have been socially acceptable to say in 2009, that would never be okay in 2018. Just as I’m sure there will be certain things you could get away with saying now, that will be a no-go by 2027. So why are we taking these moments and using them as a tool to potentially damage someone’s career almost ten years later!? It’s just wrong.

But the thing that really pisses me off about this situation is that within the past few years Kevin Hart has been on top, no one seemed to find him homophobic and offensive. When he was touring and doing sold out shows, and doing movie after movie that was blowing up on the box office, oh white people loved him then. That’s when he was hilarious! But literally as soon as he is selected to host The Oscars, now it’s time to drag up some old tweets from almost ten years ago. Now he’s insensitive and homophobic, and now it is time to hold him accountable for his actions? Okay people. The glitz and glam of The Oscars was a little too big of a step for black-ass Kevin Hart for you to be comfortable with? Is that it?

Furthermore, Nick Cannon (another comedian I’ve grown up loving) took it upon himself to dig up some old tweets from Chelsea Handler, Amy Schumer and Sarah Silverman where they all also use the F word. He poses the great rhetorical question: were these women ever forced to be held accountable for these statements, or ever suffer great backlash from any of their fans or the LGBTQ community? Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against these comediennes either. In fact, I love Amy Schumer. I think she’s hilarious, and I felt just as outraged about what they said as I felt about what Kevin Hart said in his old stand-up routine Seriously Funny, which is something else that was brought up in the midst of these old tweets. Basically, I did not feel outraged at all. Because unlike most people in our society today, I recognise when a joke is a joke, even when others more sensitive than myself may not find it so funny. At the end of the day, a comedian’s job is to make you laugh and sometimes that means toeing the line in areas that would be untouchable to some. Occasionally they may go over the line a little, but at the end of the day there is rarely any real malice or hatred behind it.

My point is simply this: there should not be one rule for some and another rule for others. Right is right, and wrong is wrong. One thing that I certainly consider to be wrong is jumping on the first opportunity to discredit a black man for statements he made so long ago, without even taking the time to appreciate that a person can evolve and grow, as per Kevin Hart’s original statement in response to all this. Not to mention, this still begs the question: why didn’t these aforementioned tweets matter when millions of people were buying tickets to watch Kevin perform live, or to see his many movies in the cinema. Because unfortunately to some people, watching a black man be funny on tour or on the big screen is just comfortable enough. But on stage at The Oscars? Nah, he’s getting a little carried away now, they probably thought to themselves. “Stay in your line nigga” is essentially what they’re trying to say. It deeply saddens me that Kevin felt forced to step down from the opportunity, and I do feel proud of him for apologising to anyone he offended and reiterating that he is continuing to evolve and grow. But I just want to end by saying that anybody who only deemed it necessary to drag Kevin Hart as soon as he stepped up to host The Oscars, but were aware of these tweets a long time ago, they are the ones who are prejudiced, not Kevin.