My Motivation: Part II

Okay, so if you’ve read my last post then you would know that part of my motivation for this blog was listening to a few audiobooks: three to be exact. One was Kevin Hart’s book I Can’t Make This Up, which you can read all about in Part 1. The second inspiring audiobook I listened to was Black Privilege by Charlamagne tha God. I mentioned that I had only happened to come across Kevin Hart’s book on my Audible app because I had previously been listening to Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man by Steve Harvey, and the app recommended some other books that I might enjoy, one of which was Kevin Hart’s book. I came across Charlamagne’s book in a similar fashion.

Charlamagne tha God is a well known radio presenter and television personality. He is mostly known for his brutal, but refreshing honesty. Charlamagne started out as a radio intern in South Carolina, and then he started working on the Wendy Williams Show. However he has been let go from quite a few of his jobs because of his relentless honesty, including the Wendy Williams Show. He then went on to co-host the popular morning radio show, The Breakfast Club, alongside DJ Envy and Angela Yee. Even Charlamagne says himself in the book that every time he got fired, a better opportunity seemed to present itself, and he was not wrong there. It seemed that there was a lot of beef between them on Wendy and her husband Kevin’s side about the whole thing, but Charlamagne doesn’t seem to hold a grudge and never actually speaks ill of her. This is most likely because The Breakfast Club gives him the freedom to be himself and be truthful, which is all he is ever wanted to do.

The Breakfast Club is one of those radio shows that you just love to turn on in the morning and watch whilst you’re getting ready for work, which I often do. (I say watch because it is also filmed and uploaded onto YouTube). They mostly discuss celebrity gossip, with focus on a lot of well-known celebrities in the hip hop industry, politics, dating and sex. They also do daily interviews with celebrities, which I regularly tune into. They do little segments every day too; such as Angela Yee’s Rumour Report (which I have found is usually very factual), Call in and Weigh In and of course, Charlamagne’s Donkey of the Day. Oh, and they used to do Hoe Appreciation Day every Friday, which was always hilarious! I wonder why they stopped that…I guess the hoes got mad lol. It was funny though. I think Kim Kardashian got nominated about three times.

Okay, I’m going to give a brief explanation on the segments, because they are very enjoyable. The Rumour Report is a good way for me to get the scoop on what is happening in the celeb world. I don’t personally read “the blogs” as most people in America (and probably here) do, so I find it a good way to tune in and find out the dirt in just a few minutes. This is mostly something I do to get gossip, but also a little politics as well. To be completely honest, politics has always been something that I wasn’t really interested in. I literally paused so I can give you all a moment to gasp in horror and think, “No, how can you not be interested in what’s going on in the world and what affects you!?” Yeah I know, I’ve heard it all before. Mainly from my Dad. And you know what, you are all right. This is all very true, but it’s not something I avoid on purpose. Because with the fuckery that is going on these days, especially in London with all these terrorist attacks we’ve been having, I have been trying to make an effort to be updated on the news and politics. I have even downloaded the BBC news app on my phone, so that I can literally just look at the headlines on my notifications and be updated within two minutes. This has really helped, as I will usually then go in and read the full articles. But this is mainly with the news: the politics side is still boring. I wish it could interest me more…but it just doesn’t. Sorry. If there ever comes a time that I can watch TV shows like Question Time and not daydream or fall asleep, I will let you know.

Anyway: back to the segments. So The Rumour Report was pretty self explanatory. I guess Call In and Weigh In is too. So I’ll go onto my favourite: Donkey of The Day. So this is Charlamagne’s segment. Every day he picks someone, usually either a celebrity or an ordinary (well extraordinary or stupid) citizen, or criminal, who has been discussed in the news that day, or perhaps in the later part of the previous day. For example, one of the recent Donkey of the Day’s was “Two Men Rob a Bar Full With Police Offers”. See that’s the kind of stupid shit I’m talking about. To be honest, Donkey of the Day is usually about 40% celebrities, 60% political figures and stupid citizens/criminals. One of the first lines you hear in the intro is “Donkey of the Day does not discriminate” and he is not lying. So basically, Charlamagne selects the lucky individual and basically goes in on them, making them look like the stupidest human being on the planet right now, which they usually have been. If you want an example of a really funny one, please look up “Chanel West Coast Flaunts Her Musical Track Record”. I can’t even go into the whole thing right now, otherwise I will be here all night. But believe me, if you watch Ridiculousness or Love & Hip Hollywood like myself, or if you are one of the five people in the world that actually listen to Chanel West Coast’s music, then please watch it. It is HILARIOUS.

So long story short, I am a huge fan of Charlamagne’s. Just like with Kevin Hart, I had no idea he had published a book. I love The Breakfast Club, and usually regularly watch their interviews and Charlamagne’s Donkey of the Day, but as I have mentioned, I do tend to take a little time out from social media, current events etc. I think when I first saw The Breakfast Club, I did think he was a bit of an asshole at first. He can come across that way when you don’t really know what he’s about. But then, you kind of start to realise that he doesn’t go out of his way to be an asshole, or to be offensive. He is just being honest, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, no matter who ugly it may be or how many people disagree with them. It’s so surprising how much of a fan I am, because as I have mentioned, I can be pretty sensitive at times. But there’s something so refreshing about the way Charlamagne comes across. A lot of people don’t like him for it, but he doesn’t care. In his book, he explains that no matter how much trouble his mouth got him into, he was always honest. And why shouldn’t he be? If a singer comes onto The Breakfast Club for an interview, why shouldn’t he say they suck if that’s his opinion? It doesn’t mean he has any disrespect towards the person. He just personally doesn’t like their music. However a lot of other people out there obviously do, and hopefully the singer does as well. So why should they give a fuck?

Charlamagne touches on such a good point in his book, and it is one of those things that I remember the most out of the whole story. He mentions that the hip-hop industry seems to be the only industry where if somebody gives their opinion and it isn’t what they want to hear, they take it as a personal offence and act like you’ve completely disrespected them. Whereas if you were to say that you don’t like Mick Jagger or Adam Levine, or one of the Rolling Stones, do you think any of them would give a shit? Fuck no. They would still rock out, and do what they do best. Because they know that regardless, they and millions of other people do like they’re music. You’re simply not going to appeal to everybody. Some people are bound to dislike you, because everybody is different. But hasn’t this always been the standard rule in life? Even when I was in school, my parents used to tell me all the time, “Not everyone is going to like you, that is just life.” But what should you do? Stop being you? No, you learn to do you and anyone who doesn’t like it can go fuck themselves.

Charlamagne is so right though. Artists like Nicki Minaj and Drake literally will not go on The Breakfast Club because of the shit Charlamagne has said about them. Birdman literally came in, with seven niggas in tow as security, not too long ago, and threatened all three of them to “stop playing with his name” and “put some respect on it”, before walking out and not even proceeding with the interview. He was literally on there all of two minutes. You see, this kind of shit baffles me. Fair enough, he’s said some stuff (particularly about Drake) that be construed as a little intense. But that is just because Charlamagne does what about 95% of the people in the world don’t do: he’s honest. He does not blow smoke up anyone’s ass and he doesn’t politely excuse himself, he just gives his honest opinion. And I’m sorry, how can you not have respect for that? Wouldn’t you much rather have someone give you an honest opinion to your face, even if it hurts, rather than just lie and say what they think will make you feel good? I know what most people’s answer is, but what’s the point? I’d rather know the truth. When my friends call me and ask me for advice about guys, I am honest. I don’t lie to them and make excuses for the dickheads and their sorry ass behaviour. I say, he’s a dickhead. Forget him, move on, I don’t even understand why you’re wasting your time over this prick anyway etc etc. Not because I want to be hurtful, but simply because I don’t think the alternative is going to the help them.
Nicki Minaj and Drake are both amazing artists, Charlamagne has even said that. He loves Nicki, I think he just doesn’t agree with some of the things she’s done. He’s never loved Drake’s music, or as he puts it Drake “isn’t his cup of green tea”, but he’s always admitted that he is a great artist. So what’s the problem?

Okay, so Charlamagne said some things you didn’t like. Does that make Nicki any less of a bad bitch or a less amazing rapper? Not in my book. And does it make Drake’s music sound worse when you hear it in the club, on the radio and pretty much everywhere? Not with me, I certainly still love Drake. Regarding Birdman, to be honest I don’t know what was said. I don’t care for Birdman’s music and I’ve never really cared much about the gossip surrounding him (unless it’s about Lil Wayne, Tyga, Nicki or Drake) so I have no idea what made him so angry when he went to The Breakfast Club. But again, why make so much time and effort to go there and tell someone “to put some respect on your name” just to leave again. How can you care so much about what someone on the radio has to say about you? If you are happy with you and your actions, then nothing else should matter. But I digress.

So Charlamagne’s book in short: everything you could possibly be looking for in a publication. It was powerful, inspiring, motivational, funny, entertaining and so wonderfully honest (I feel like I’ve said that word like fifty times now, but I don’t care). I didn’t realise how much he had been through to get to where he is. He went from selling crack and being in a gang, to interviewing some of the most well known and influential people on a daily basis. Not just that, he can speak his mind and truly be himself while he is doing it. Do you know much I’d love to go to work, be completely honest and not give a fuck about the consequences? If only…

I guess, that is what this blog is all about for me. A safe space where I can finally just be me. I feel like I constantly paint a picture of how I think I should appear every day because there are so few people I can be this honest with. Even that in itself is something I don’t think I’ve ever admitted before. This blog is my Black Privilege. Wow, that sounded profound as fuck right?

Kevin’s book inspired me to get off my ass, and Charlamagne’s book inspired me to actually go ahead and start my blog. I think he actually said the words “If you wanna be a writer, write. Start writing a blog.” Like I mentioned before, I’d always had the idea in my head. But these books made me realise how important it was to stop thinking and start doing. Although there was still the issue of what I would write about, and that is where Amber Rose’s “How To Be A Bad Bitch” comes into the equation. So please stay tuned for Part Three of My Motivation.


2 thoughts on “My Motivation: Part II

  1. Charlamagne’s book is definitely a must read even though I think he’s a snitch lol it’s still a good book with a lot of motivational stories. It made me look at him in a different light, to think he worked for Wendy Williams all those years for free, that’s deep.

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